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What is Shifter?

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Script of What Is Shifter for hearing disability Hearing disability?

Working modes you'd love

Automatic mode beach chair Manual mode superman
Automatic Mode
A.K.A. "go enjoy the beach" mode
Manual Mode
A.K.A. "super me" mode
Open a calendar page with a click,
after the staff inputs their preferences
come back to Shifter just to click
"Automatic Fill" and "Publish"
Plan manualy using drag-and-drop
with Shifter's smart indicators
that helps you choose best
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Will Shifter stay free?
Yes - what is free today will stay free for you forever.
This means that some features might cost money in the future, but if you sign up today then all current features that are free will continue to be free for you. Always.
Is Shifter appropriate for personal use, small bussiness, big bussiness or non-profit organisation?
Shifter is designed to fit both simple needs with fast start-up and minimal settings, and also complex bussinesses with big teams and many constraints.
Does my staff need to sign up to Shifter?
It is recommended but not mandatory for your staff to sign up to shifter, and you can assign shifts to them in both cases. They will also benefit from most of Shifter's features, like shift reminders.
However, for some actions such as choosing shifts that they prefer, they must sign up.
Can I have morning, afternoon and evening shifts?
You can add as many shifts per day as you want.
For every shift you can define the starting hour, and determine how many team members of each roles should be assigned in it.
Can I assign roles to my team members?
Sure. Most businesses have many roles, and assign shifts to staff members accordingly.
What rules can I define?
There are several types of rules you can define. Here are examples for each type of rule:
  • Global rules - maximum amount of shifts per week.
  • Group rules - maximum amount of group members in a shift (for example "Junior Employees" or "Efficient Employees" shoul preferably be no more than 2 in a shift).
  • Roles - Amount of personnel of this role in every shift (for example 1 "Shift Manager" and 3 "Waitresses").
Where can I find answers to more questions?
Please don't hesitate to contact us! A link is in the top right corner of the screen.
I got to the last question... don't I deserve a surprise?
You bet! We think you will like these 2 awesome videos:
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Script of What Is Shifter for hearing disability Script of What Is Shifter for hearing disability

How easy is using Shifter?

Get a feeling - it's as easy as this:
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Why Shifter?

It is free of charge Happier employees
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Optimizing happiness
Unlimited team size
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Keeping a happy staff by making sure
they get the shifts they want
and you get your needs as well
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