Itai Peleg profile


My best ability is to explain complex ideas clearly.

I dive into great projects and forget what time it is.

Programming - Day Job

Full stack dev

Senior developer

Broadcom, 2019-current

Spot Award - "Drived customer & business success".

Tech: the latest & greatest - React & Angular, Java (of course), different DB types and lot's of more stuff.

NICE logo
Senior developer
Team leader

NICE, 2012-2019

Developed complex features on a huge system, and also:

The only employee in company with 2 hackathon projects productized.

Focal point company-wide for integration & embedding an external system (Tableau).

Recognition award for initiating social events.

Tech: Java (Spring & Hibernate), web (SCSS, JSP, JavaScript Vanilla, AngularJS, etc.), SQL, and more.

InCauda logo

InCauda, 2010-2012

First employee in a 4-people startup.

Built a management system from scratch.

Tech: Python and Django framework, PHP, HTML & JQuery & and all that client-side jazz.

Programming - Volunteer Work

Websites for non-profit organizations

Havruta logo
Managed project

Havruta, 2020

Built website
Managed project & team
Edited content

Tech: Wordpress.

Havruta logo
Migrated content

Kibbutz Choir, 2019

Built website
Migrated content

Tech: Wix.

Adi Choir logo
Designed UI

Adi Choir, 2018

Built website
Designed UI

Tech: Google cloud (GCP), AngularJS.

Aguda logo
Created content

LGBT Association ("The Aguda") south branch, 2013

Built website
Created content

Tech: Google sites.

IGY logo
Technical admin social forums

IGY, 2012

Admined the organization's very active social forums

Tech: Invision Community (IPB) forums.

Programming - Startup Projects

Each one reached beta with a client

Shifter logo


Schedule shifts easily for businesses, have a look!

The system is not active, but the public page is available and everything you see there is my work (including UI, UX, scripts and graphics).

And here are some fun memories.

Cell Site logo
Cell Site


Audio guides for museums in smartphones - without installing an app.

Screenshots - my UX & implementation.

Other Volunteer Work

The best part of life

Adi Choir logo
CEO of a non-profit organization

Adi Classical Young Choir, 2016-Current

Joined as a singer (2013), selected as CEO (2016).

Established a non-profit organization. Managing a volunteer team. Initiating projects (as re-branding).

How about 4 pics?

Ostrovsky high school logo
Computer science teacher

Ostrovsky High School, 2013-2019

Started as a 1x1 tutor (2013).
Assistant-Teacher in classroom (2014-5).
Independent classroom teacher (2016-9).

Teaching Java and web-programming.

IGY logo
Social guide

IGY, 2010-2012 & 2017

A group guide of new social groups for LGBT religious teenagers (2010-2).

A group guide for young adults (post high school), in a mixed social group (2017).


And awards

BCs. in computer science

Ben Gurion University, 2010

Awarded the Lubner Prize, for extensive volunteer work.

Advanced scrum master

Scaled Agile, 2015

SAFe 4 Certified Advanced Scrum Master.

Graduated with honors

Amit High School, 2002

Received the Shazar Award by the president of Israel, for a research project in history.

Majors in 3 subject (that's rare!): Computer Science, Physics and Music.